Pray for Shayne Leighton

Shane Leighton "Invincible" on Amazon MusicI’ll admit I have a problem with prayer.

I don’t do it enough. 🙁

I plan on changing that, and I’m adding a gifted singer and performer, Shayne Leighton, to my prayer list.  Lord, may you protect her as she tours, bring her into your fold if she isn’t already, and protect her against any “Midnight Man.”

P.S. If you want to know more about Shayne, you can start with my review of her EP.

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Pray for Hurt

Listening to this song ("Adonai") off their latest album convinced me to add the group Hurt to my "Pray for" list. It asks hard questions that many non-believers want the answer too…that’ll be a sermon for next week…

Lord, please bring someone to Hurt who can answer the questions their music "cries" out loud…and please help me know the answers when someone asks me for them (and when I preach about it next week).

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Pray for Zakk, Barbaranne, and Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde

Sabbath Page Wielandt WyldeNothing is more of a blessing than the arrival of a new child. Congratulations to Zakk and Barbaranne on the birth of their little girl, Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde.

Want to see a tough guy melt? Just watch for future pictures of Zakk holding his baby girl. 🙂

Thank you Lord for seeing little Sabbath in this world…and may you watch over them and bring them closer to you as she grows.

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